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Thank you for visiting Eden Physio, it is with regret that we must inform you Eden Physio closed it’s door 28th February 2022. We greatly appreciate the support you have shown us for over 14 years, and will miss our fixture in your community.

However, the good news is that your Physio’s, Alfred and Josh, are moving to Kingsland Physiotherapy. Located just 700m from the Eden Physio site, Kingsland Physiotherapy offers services at 495 New North Road, and at Health & Sports Gym Morningside.

We appreciate the trust you have shown us over the years, and hope you will follow us to our new home at Kingsland Physiotherapy.

Our previous contact details will still be available for you. To arrange an appointment, please call (09) 846 0076, use our contact page on this site, or e-mail 179edenphysio@gmail.com.

Kingsland Physiotherapy and Massage Auckland