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Physiotherapy in Auckland

White Swan Physiotherapy provides a full range of physiotherapy services that improve your mobility, help you regain full movement and enhance your quality of life. Our trained professionals have a straight-forward approach that reduces pain, alleviates illness and strains caused by overworking and overtraining in sports-related activities. Initial treatments start at only $20 and $15 for follow-up ACC treatments. Private treatments are $70 initially and $40 for follow-ups.

We aim to provide thorough physical assessment so we can carry out effective treatment and rehabilitation procedures. We also explain things in a simplified manner and help educate patients in order to facilitate long lasting results and prevent further injury. Our trained personnel create the most comfortable environment for our patients and provide the best physio in Auckland.

Our professionals are highly qualified and university-trained and they can deliver complete rehabilitative programs combined with swift assessment and treatment. We train and assist our patients with lots of attention to detail, providing a broad range of services that include joint mobilization/manipulation, massage, yoga, individual exercise training, corrective taping and acupuncture.

The main difference between physiotherapists and massage therapists is that physiotherapists are trained medical professionals who know how to mobilize every part of your body. Physiotherapy is real medicine that produces long lasting results while massage therapy is an alternative medicine that temporarily alleviates pain. Applicable from the youngest to the oldest patients, you could be suffering from any kind of body injury: sport injury, birth defect, car accident or impaired movement after surgery. Our professionals will immediately help you regain full mobility/alleviate pain and tailor an individual plan for complete mobility regains and long term results. Here at mteden physiotherapy centre we design a full therapeutic regimen to help you manipulate the exact body muscles that cause you pain and then restore your movement capability.

Sports physiotherapy treatment carries numerous benefits. Athletes have demanding exercise regimens that deplete them of energy and can face serious back/shoulder pain in the short term and this can lead to serious diseases in the long term. Functional physio mteden helps preserve healthy body function and eliminates the potential for further mobility loss. Providing the best physiotherapy Auckland we help our patients perform at peak levels and put an end to potential disorders before they can arise.




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White Swan Physiotherapy employs highly dedicated, well-trained physiotherapists who provide utmost care to our patients. Committed to help clients, our team of specialists encourage and motivate them, facilitate recovery and enable each one of them to stick to their regimen.


An AUT graduate who specializes in Musculoskeletal physiotherapy


Completed Physiotherapy studies with flying colors


An Otago University graduate who specializes in musculoskeletal and sports injuries

The correct physiotherapist is crucial for physical injuries.

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