Eden Physiotherapy

Located in Sandringham, this facility is equipped with highly trained physiotherapists and medical experts ready to assess any of your injuries, pains or illnesses. This clinic provides an array of physiotherapy services designed to improve your mobility and enhance your quality of life. The team at sandrigham physio is comprised of highly trained experts ready to diagnose and provide solutions for any injury.

Physio at Sandringham is effective because our personnel serve as trained educators that help our patients address their injuries faster and more efficiently. We diagnose the root cause of your pain and immediately initiate an exercise regimen to help you address it. You could be facing any injury and our physiotherapists will have the knowledge to treat it effectively. The injured area will be cured, you’ll regain your mobility and you’ll have complete control over your body. This way you can get back to life and operate at optimal levels the same as you used to in the past.

Physiotherapy is ideal for small-time sports injuries and here at sandringham sports physio we can provide exercises that are tailored for athletes. Our treatments are also ideal for hard times when you need the best professional help such as after surgery or car accidents. Our approach is personal and hands-on which is why our professionals apply a lot of patience and take the time necessary to restore our patient’s full mobility before bringing them back to their old lives. This helps them feel normal again because they regain full control over their movement.


179 Sandringham Rd

Contact number:

09 846 0076