Lynfield Physiotherapy

Located in Lynfield YMCA, this facility is equipped with highly trained physiotherapists and medical experts ready to get to the bottom of your injuries, pains or illnesses. Lynfield physio provides an array of physiotherapy services designed to improve the full spectrum of motions and enhance our patient’s quality of life. Stop by and meet our team comprised of highly trained experts.

Here at lynfield physio we not only help you by alleviating pain in temporary fashion but we design individual exercise regimens that help you eliminate pain and restore mobility with long lasting results. This way our patients never have to go through the same experience again. Lynfield’s trained professionals can address every kind of deformity and immediately get to the bottom of the problem. They also educate patients to help them avoid further injury.

Physiotherapy is applicable for patients of all ages and this includes respiratory treatments. Our physiotherapists help patients restore their breathing capability by using a number of different breathing techniques. The same can be done for sports injuries/strains induced by overworking. A lot of our culture in New Zealand is outdoor oriented and this is why injuries are commonplace but given the right set of treatments they become negligible. We help our patients bounce back by expediting their recovery and guiding them through the specific exercises. Your doctor can prescribe medications that give you instant relief but if you want to retain long term results, physiotherapy is the ideal long lasting solution. We’re the best at it and we’re prepared to assist you.


16-18 Griffen Park Road

Contact number:

09 626 3242