Onehunga Physiotherapy

Located in Onehunga, our facility is equipped with highly trained physiotherapists and medical experts ready to assess your injuries and provide immediate relief. Physio onehunga provides an array of physiotherapy services designed to restore your mobility and ultimately quality of life. Stop by and meet our team comprised of highly trained experts that are ready to diagnose and treat anyone suffering from pain and injuries.

Here at onehunga physio we offer full rehabilitation programs to help enhance your bodily functions and restore your full functional mobility. Our personnel is highly trained and able to eliminate any disability you’re facing while fixing your impairments for the long term. This way you can retain your newfound mobility for extended periods.

Physiotherapy is real medicine (as opposed to alternative medicine) and is mostly applied after important life events such as surgery, car accidents, birth defects or heart attacks. We’re here to help when it’s the hardest by restoring your mobility and helping you to sustain it at peak levels for the remainder of your life. We can also assist in small time injuries such as athletic injuries when you only need simple muscle manipulation.

Our personnel immediately diagnose you and create an individual exercise regimen based on your current condition. They individually guide you through the exercises with lots of patience/understanding until you fully recover. We educate our patients on ways they can avoid further injury and help them feel more in control of their body. They are taught all the exercises they need to get to the root cause of their pain/immobility and then swiftly recover high strength levels.


62A Princes Street

Contact number:

09 636 5585