Back Pain

Back Pain is one of the most common body pains that affects a large portion of the population because it can be triggered by multiple strains. If you bend you back for extended periods at work, if you’re lifting/carrying heavy objects or overusing your muscles in any way you are more prone to getting back pain.

The most common symptoms of back pain include muscle pain, shooting pain, leg pain or an impaired range of back motions. Most people experience pain once in a while but if this is a recurring problem for you the best way to treat it by paying a visit our back pain clinic. We have a straight-forward approach to fixing back pain that includes manual therapy and posture correction. Our professionals focus on your biggest pain points and get to the bottom of the issue. They immediately diagnose you and help create a long lasting solution.

There are three main types of back pain: chronic, acute, and neuropathic. We diagnose which one you have to give you a great understanding of where it comes from and how to cure it.

Acute pain is the most common of all pains but it’s usually temporary and lasts up to 3 weeks. To get a grasp of acute pain, try to imagine yourself touching a hot stove or iron or accidentally smashing your finger with a hammer: you’ll feel intense pain and fast.

The 2nd most common and longer lasting pain is chronic pain. Chronic pain usually starts in the spine and it’s a recurring condition that impairs your daily activities/mobility. Chronic pain can last over three months.

The last type of pain is neurotic pain and it’s caused by nerve injury. If you damage your nerve fibers they become dysfunctional and take time to repair.

Given the right diagnosis you’ll be able to effectively treat your back pain and our personnel at White Swan Physiotherapy can provide the most effective treatment based on your individual needs.

For people who face back pain in Auckland we are here to help. White Swan Physiotherapy is comprised of medical experts that provide hands-on manual therapy and corrective posture techniques that get to the core of various types of back pains. Our physical therapy features the most effective exercise regimens that will immediately provide relief. It is also designed to give you long lasting results.

We educate patients using multiple training exercises and they can ultimately train themselves and regain full mobility.