Physiotherapy is a physical rehabilitation program aimed to improve mobility, repair body injuries and reduce body aches and illnesses. Eden Physiotherapy conducts a rigorous assessment and precise diagnosis, designed to address patients who suffered from various body pains and injuries.

It promotes optimal mobility and improve optimum body function and performance. It aims to promote a healthy lifestyle, prevent diseases, injury and disability, manage acute and chronic pain and educate patients proper ways of maintaining a fit lifestyle through therapeutic programs and other various intervention programs designed to improve the overall body function and restore body performance so you can live longer and enjoy daily life activities.

White Swan Physiotherapy employs some of today’s experienced and well-trained Physiotherapists. University-trained, equipped with in-depth knowledge of anatomy and pharmacology, our medical experts can identify and determine the exact location, symptom, and cause of a patient’s pain, illness, and injury.

Graduates of prestigious universities, White Swan Physiotherapy prides itself with a team composed of industry experts equipped with not only a bachelor’s degree but also a master’s degree in physical therapy. The combined talents of our physiotherapists can provide an extensive assessment of each patient’s condition and provide a proper diagnosis.

Our holistic approach to physiotherapy is equipped with different interventions, including manual therapy and stretching, soft tissue massage, spinal manipulation, acupuncture, and training. We are committed and highly dedicated to improve our patient’s lifestyle. Our medical experts can assess a wide range of health conditions affecting various body systems, including the brain, heart and circulation, lungs and breathing, as well as joints, bones, and soft tissues. We can improve your body performance and enhance your physical activities with minimal risk of injury.

Our physiotherapists consider the whole body and not just a part of the affected injury. We take into account all areas of the body as part of our rigorous assessment and thorough diagnosis. Tailored exercises and physical activity will help improve our patient’s body performance. Our core mission is to strengthen specific body parts to improve full body performance.